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We are proud to partner with a diverse range of organizations, well distinguished in their industries with purpose-driven missions in safeguarding our planet’s longevity. Partners that are willing and dare to embrace change that makes our world a better place. Each of our partnerships is focused, ambitious and collaborative, delivering a joint effort that accelerates our pace in transitioning towards a more sustainable future. With shared values, determination, prompt actions and long-term commitment, change becomes a reality.


Circular Economy initiated a unique fusion between sciences, disciplines, practices, and domains. If we want to be considered a learning society, they should be shared unbiased and unrestricted. Voicing our thoughts on circularity and yielding global interaction is crucial. As a community, we must exchange knowledge that can leverage functional and realistic change. By sharing experiences, faced challenges and observations, we can significantly accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices across industries. Your story might inspire the next great leap towards a lasting green revolution.

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Got a story to share?

Have you successfully implemented game-changing ideas paving the way to circularity? Or maybe faced unforeseen obstacles? Your experiences are a valuable resource to the members of our community. Join our alliance and share your unique story alongside members of our community.